Rules for Use of Seminar Rooms


1. Seminar rooms are primarily for educational use; the Domestic Bursar, consulting across the College if necessary, will make any decision required on permissible other use.

2. Seminar rooms should be booked in advance with the Domestic Bursar’s secretary.  Because charges, including VAT, may be levied depending on the activity for which the room is booked, ‘last-minute’ access, especially after office hours, may be denied as the College cannot provide a quotation.

3. Those seeking to access to an unbooked seminar room after office hours will therefore only be allowed to use the room if the porters (who hold the keys) are satisfied that the room will be used for private study only.

4. Only food provided by the College catering department in normal office hours is allowed in seminar rooms.  This is because the College wishes to ensure food eaten in seminar rooms is as odorously neutral as possible and cleared away promptly.

5. Because most seminar rooms are underneath or close to accommodation, bookings will only be taken up to 9pm for a meeting or up to midnight for private study.  The Study Centre has 24/7 access for those who wish to work during silent hours.

6. There will, of course, be exceptional circumstances when these rules are inappropriate and can be waived, but those circumstances must be sanctioned by the Domestic Bursar.

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