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Darwin College Research Reports (ISSN 1749-9194)

This online research archive is managed by Darwin College for the benefit of Darwin students and alumni, and as a service for the international research community. The research published here has been carried out by Darwin members during their tenure as members of the College and of Cambridge University.

Index of Reports

This page last modified 22 November 2013.

DCRR-001 Tamás Bertényi
An Experimental Measurement of the Transverse Correlation in Isotropic Homogenous Turbulence. 
November 2005 (19 pages)
DCRR-002 Iain Morley
The Evolutionary Origins and Archaeology of Music 
October 2003/January 2006 (277 pages)
DCRR-003 Paul Castro
Flanerie and Writing the City in Iain Sinclair's Lights Out for the Territory, Edmund White's The Flaneur, and Jose Cardoso Pires's Lisboa: Livro de Bordo 
October 2003/February 2006 (70 pages)
DCRR-004 Martin Rohrmeier
Towards modelling harmonic movement in music: Analysing properties and dynamic aspects of pc set sequences in Bach's chorales 
May 2006 (107 pages)
DCRR-005 Sergejs Saksonovs
The Intertemporal Approach to the Current Account and Currency Crises 
June 2006 (29 pages)
DCRR-006 Alan Blackwell, Cecily Morrison, Lorisa Dubuc and Luke Church
The Physicality of Digital Museums 
August 2007 (5 pages)
DCRR-007 Sabrina Bresciani, Alan Blackwell and Martin Eppler
Choosing visualisations for collaborative work and meetings: A guide to usability dimensions 
February 2008 (10 pages)
DCRR-008 Amyas Phillips
Passive wavelength athermalisation of semiconductor laser diodes 
November 2005/April 2008 (214 pages)
DCRR-009 Saulo Santos de Souza
A baseline study of land reform settings in Northeast Brazil 
December 2010 (64 pages)
DCRR-010 Elisabeth Leedham Green
The arrival of research degrees in Cambridge 
May 2011 (11 pages)
DCRR-011 Sarah J. Fortune
GPU-Based Raw Digital Photo Manipulation 
June 2010/November 2013 (91 pages)


Citations of reports in this archive can be made as follows: Darwin College Research Reports, DCRR [serial number], available online at /content/publications

ISSN 1749-9194


Darwin members are invited to submit research monographs such as MPhil dissertations or academic research reports for publication in the Archive. Members should receive an invitation around the time that they graduate, although submissions are welcome at any time. All enquiries should be directed to the Archive Editor.

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