Graduate Tutors

As a member of Darwin, you have access to a Tutor – a College Fellow – who is here to give you confidential advice and support on any non-academic problems you may experience and, aided by the Deanery, to direct you to specialist support if necessary. Regular academic queries should be directed to your Supervisor/Department/Director of Studies, but your Tutor may advise in case of difficulties. If you need urgent advice, you may wish to contact the Deanery directly; the Dean provides support and advice to Tutors and is available to take over complex issues as required.
Get to know your Tutor – you are encouraged to introduce yourself to him or her at one of the Welcoming Drinks held in Freshers Week and/or at one of the Welcoming Dinners held in October. Then keep all relevant contact details to hand, and update your Tutor with your progress and any difficulties you might encounter. You should aim to see your Tutor at least twice each academic year, either in a group or individually as necessary.
Your Tutor is a source of general advice and support. He or she is always happy to listen to your experiences of studying and research, to offer advice where appropriate, and to help you to find academic staff and students in College with similar interests. Your Tutor will have access to reports submitted online by your supervisor concerning your academic progress, and to any self-assessment exercise you complete via CamSIS and will liaise where necessary with academic supervisors and Departments/Faculties, particularly if you are experiencing difficulties. If you are worried by what a report says, or want a different perspective on your work, talk to your Tutor.
More commonly, if you fall ill or your work has been disrupted or you need to take time out for personal reasons, your Tutor will help you ensure that your application is presented properly to the relevant university bodies. Your Tutor may also be able to provide careers advice.

Thorsten Boroviak
Julia Davies Professorship, Department of Plant Sciences
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones
Deputy Dean
Reader in Information Systems, Judge Business School
Tim Milner Senior Proctor 2017-18, University Ceremonial Officer
Arokia Nathan
Chris Sandbrook Senior Lecturer in Conservation Leadership, Department of Geography
Aylwyn Scally Group Leader: Scally Group
Jennifer Schooling
Deputy Dean
Director of the Centre for Smart Infrastructure
Dénes Szűcs Reader in Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology
Christine van Ruymbeke
College Praelector
Ali Reza and Mohamed Soudavar Reader in Persian Literature and Culture
Daniel Weiss Polonsky-Coexist Senior Lecturer in Jewish Studies
Simone Weyand
Simone Weyand
Angela Wood University Lecturer in Biostatistics
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