Guide: Setting up your Upay Account

Upay is an online booking system where you will be able to purchase your Formal Hall tickets.

Note that this facility is available to Darwin members only. If you are an alumnus of the College please contact the Development Office to be booked into Formal Hall.


Visit UpayChilli ( ) from your internet browser or from the apps available below

Please note that in order to set up an account you will need the Affiliate ID along with your unique user ID

If you do not know the user ID, please refer to your last statement which will have your account details on it.

Then follow the details below:

  • Once these details have been obtained, click on the link above for UpayChilli;
  • You will be asked to confirm a Raven affiliate terms and conditions, please confirm;
  • Click 'Yes or No' to remain logged in on the device you are registering from;
  • Click 'Return to Log In';
  • Click ' Register My UpayChilli Account';
  • In the next page, you will be prompted to enter the Affiliate ID 'DARWINKITCHENS' ;
  • You will then be asked for your user id, please use the account code from your Catering Meals Statement
  • You will the be asked for your email address - please use your address

    Once you have completed these steps an email will be sent to you confirming your user account details.


Please read the Formal Hall Guidelines before making any Formal Hall bookings. Please be aware that all guest names must be registered to comply with the College's licencing regulations.

Once you have registered, you may then purchase Formal Hall tickets as follows:
·      Choose the date of the Formal Hall you wish to book,
·      Choose the number of tickets you wish to purchase,
·      Enter your guests’ names,
·      Click on ‘Event Options’ to choose your ticket type and tick your ticket option– note SF- Darwin Student or Fellow, SG - Student Guest, NSG guests with no student status.

       Make your wine choices

·      Click on ‘Confirm and Pay’,
·      Please at this stage add any dietary requirements e.g 1 x vegetarian meal, 1 guest has a gluten and nut allergy,
·      Click on ‘Place Booking’,
·      Confirm payment with cashless card.
·      You will be emailed confirmation of your booking.
·      Cancellations must be done via the Catering Office on the online support system.


You will now be able to view your current statement on-line or though the apps.

Mobile Apps

The UpayChilli website is mobile-friendly but you can also download a mobile app, but note that to have it work with Raven you should:
• Install the app

• Go to the UpayChilli website ( in your mobile browser, Raven authenticate and then launch the app for the first time using the "Load UpayChilli App" button resulting page. The app will then be linked to your Raven credentials for future use.
For further information on UpayChilli please refer to the Upay User Guide & FAQ available online at
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