Information for New Arrivals

Welcome to Darwin

All new students must  register at the welcome desk.  There you will get a chance to ask  questions and  meet representatives of the Deanery, Accounts Office, IT, Catering and the DCSA (Darwin College Students' Association).

Registration Desk / The Old Library  (opening hours):

Monday 24 September - Tuesday 2 October 2018 (not weekends)  09:00 - 16:30 (open thoughout the  lunch period).  

Anyone arriving outside of these dates should, in the first instance, go to the Deanery Office.   Please feel free to contact Torben, our DCSA President who will happily meet with you:

Your information pack will  include:

An introduction and welcome to the College
Introduction to your College Tutor
Welcome Dinner invitation
Student card
A form to open a bank account 
An explanation of how to register for NHS services
UIS computing services information leaflets

Matriculation: Prior to maticulation all students must provide a form of id.    For Tier4 (overseas students)  this should be  your passport and brp/visa; both of which must be scanned by the Deanery Office first .  For everyone else either a national identity card, driving licence or passport will suffice.

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