John Bradfield Court

John Bradfield Court - a new vision for the future

An architecturally stunning new multi-functional room for students and updated, refurbished student rooms in the Old Granary.

Darwin has a charm which derives from being on a tree-lined river bend, with islands and bridges, and punts gliding by. For fifty years now, generations of students have delighted in Darwin’s tranquil site in the centre of Cambridge.While it is heartening that the numbers of students benefiting from Darwin’s unique character are as strong as ever, our College is at the limit of its existing facilities. To do the best for students now, and moving forward, we need to expand and renew our accommodation and public rooms. We have a vision to do this, and with your help we can make it a reality.

'The John Bradfield Court’ designed by architects 'Allies and Morrison' will create a new, architecturally stunning multi-functional room for students to use for lectures, seminars, and social gatherings, as well as provide for the refurbishment of the student rooms in the Old Granary. The project is exciting, focused on student needs, deliverable in the near future, and already substantially funded with a gracious gift from Trinity College.

Planning permission was obtained in 2016, with the new building enthusiastically supported by the City’s Design and Conservation Panel of heritage and architecture experts. The detailed design has been completed and the scheme is being tendered for the construction work. Completion is scheduled for October 2018.

The response to the College’s appeal for donations in support of the project has been magnificent.  The appeal for £500,000 was launched in early 2016 and over 90% has been raised. We thank Trinity College for its support with the matching of the donations made, pound for pound, and with a further £1m gift. We are delighted that this scheme to remember Sir John Bradfield – Senior Bursar of Trinity College and the prime mover in the foundation of Darwin and its growth in the first 50 years – is moving towards realisation.  This would not have happened without the very prompt and very generous giving by our alumni and friends.  The College is deeply grateful.

We hope that you share our enthusiasm to develop our compact site here in the heart of Cambridge, and that you will join in supporting this wonderful new project by making a gift today. 

Funding this ambitious project

Trinity College has supported our vision with a generous donation of £1.5 million. Of this amount £500,000 is subject to the college raising £500,000 in matched donations. The good news is that we have already raised over £450,000 of this sum, so we are asking you, our alumni, to help us reach an ambitious fundraising target of £50,000.

 To Donate

You can make a single gift or donate regularly every month.  You can give securely on-line via The Charities Aid Foundation using the button beneath the heading 'Supporting Darwin' on the right.                                                    

Donate £100 or more (as a single or regular gift) and you will be invited to the Grand Opening. Donate £10,000 or more and your name will be inscribed in perpetuity in tribute to your generosity. 

 If only 50 people give £1,000 each we will realise our vision!

If 50 people gave £20 per month for four years our goal will be achieved! 



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