All Upcoming Alumni Events

Upcoming Alumni Events  

Friday 19th January to Friday 9th March - Darwin College Lecture Series. All alumni welcome, if you would like to attend Formal Hall afterwards please contact the Alumni Relations Team.

Saturday 27th January - Darwin College Society 'Local Heritage Event' 10.45am

Mike Petty talk on 'Cambridge between the Wars', followed by lunch.  The talk will take place at Darwin College and will cost £5, we also ask you to pay for lunch by debit or credit card in the servery. To book please complete this form before Monday 22nd January 2018.  Mike Petty has won a national award for his lectures and articles which have included daily and local columns in local newspapers and regular contributions to radio and television. He was Librarian of the Cambridgeshire Collection for 35 years, and was awarded an MBE and a Cambridge University Honorary Degree for his contributions. He is probably best known for his talks which have been described as ”Not so much a lecture, more a performance”.

Future Events

The events listed below are not yet open for booking, however, if you want to attend any of them please click the title of the event you are interested in.  You will be re-directed to an email form, please fill in your name and years at College in the message body, the Alumni Office will email you more information within two working days.

Friday 16th February- Christchurch, New Zealand - informal drinks with the Master (TBC)

Thursday 22nd February - Auckland, New Zealand - informal drinks with the Master (TBC)

Thursday 1st March - Law and Finance Alumni, tour of Supreme Court, London. 6.00pm

Friday 9th March  - Darwin College Society Dinner

Mid March  - Master and Vice Master hosting dinners in Hong Kong, Beijing and Shanghai (TBC)

Mid March  - Master and Development Director hosting dinners in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur (TBC)

Friday 11th May - Reunion Dinner for matriculation years 1975-85 & 2000-2010

Saturday 12th May - Darwin College Society - Royston Caves

Friday 15th June - Alumni Bumps Dinner

Friday 6th July - Alumni Garden Party

Saturday 22nd September - Alumni Family Lunch




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